Focus Site

Focus Site

What is a Focus Site?

A Focus Site is a website focused on an idea or service and provides useful information about that idea or service. A Focus Site can be an easy-to-scan resource with a clean and clear path to the information being sought after. Example: A medical malpractice law firm looking to grow in an area of spine and brain injuries may develop a (TBI) traumatic brain injury Focus Site.

How is a Focus Site going to benefit me?


  • New client generation
  • Increased keyword exposure
  • Direct focus
  • Editorial value
  • Branding purpose
  • Topic specific

Added Value

Focus Site can also be useful when using a vanity domain name. A vanity domain name can be very easy for average users to remember since the domain is more or less what they search for (i.e. Vanity domain names, when used correctly with high quality and unique content, may even help S.E.O. With major keywords in the actual domain name, the likelihood that the Focus Site ranks high in the search engine results is strong.

Content Management System… You Control

If you can create a word document, you can operate our content management system (CMS). We add a CMS to allow you to make changes in your content, create a page, or update/remove pages. You can change and edit all pages within your Focus Site. These changes appear instantly.

Grab Audience Attention

A custom-built Focus Site can generate opportunities to grab your audience through visual components such as professional designs and images, as well as the use of techniques like typography, layout, user-experience/interaction-specific design, etc…



  • multiple pages; each page correlates to an area of practice
  • static pages, content, and “call-to-action” banner
  • text content may be minimally customized
  • generic design and stock images
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  • banner becomes a slider (or a cycling banner; 3-5 slides with possible text captions)
  • optional “on-page-load” testimonials (randomizes testimonial when page is loaded)
  • custom images (of the lawyer/firm) and customized text content
  • minor layout and color customizations
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  • mobile-optimized display of pages
  • testimonials (or any randomized content) can “cycle through” after page has finished loading
  • design can be themed/customized to imitate existing websites or brands; additional design elements, layouts, and effects added
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Package Level Comparison Table Standard Gold Platinum
text/image content
template design with minimal customizations
customized design
randomized testimonials
cycling/rotating testimonials
existing brand/site imitation
additional/special design elements and effects
text-magnifier widget