An “ATTORNEY ONLY” communications firm with a difference


GreenTie Consulting is the creative market/design arm of the We work specifically with top-tier attorneys and firms to extend their brand and promote their services across a variety of local marketing channels. For 17 years, we have tailored legal marketing solutions to produce results-driven creativity while exemplifying a spirit of nimbleness and responsiveness.

Our approach is built on exceeding your goals with an eye toward creative impact, your brand integrity along with the latest technology and always delivered with tremendous value. We bring many different backgrounds, possessing different skill sets, encouraging different perspectives, and unifying into a strong marketing network to work on your behalf.

We will work with you by sitting down and going through a thorough Internet Identity Evaluation process to fully understand the following about you:

  1. Location
  2. Practice area(s)
  3. Targeted clients
  4. Current Exposure
  5. Your expectations
  6. Our Plan
  7. Cost and time frame

At GreenTie Consulting we not only custom design lead generationcampaign based on our client’s profession and area of practice, but we also offer various avenues to assure that our client’s website is viewed by prospective clients.

We provide superior creativity, insight, strategic counsel and timely responses to our clients so that they may achieve their most ambitious marketing goals and strategic communications using the internet. Quotations for every service will be submitted to you in advance for your approval.

Please contact us for more information at 1.866.353.6800