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    We process the billing and handle the for the lawyer locators duilawyerlocator.com, bankruptcylawyerlocator.com &

    Large portfolio of law and business clients

    We represent many lawyers in the fields of dui, dwi, bankruptcy, immigration, personal injury and traffic law.

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    We also have a large domain name portfolio pertaining to legal names 236 dwi, 700dui, 47 divorce, 67 criminal, 133 drug

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    Local Search

    Local keywords featured by geographic location and practice area. Using the local Google search impoves placement locally. We recomend firms use Google local and Google places.

    Micro Pages, Business Card Sites, Focus Sites

    With the use of an exact match domain, we create a unique branding formula turning a search into a request.


    Search Engine Optimization Services for current website

    Focus/Resource Website

    Informational resource center created for law firm AOP (on-line brochure)

    Best law web services helping customers worldwide.

    Best cleaning services helping customers worldwide.

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    GreenTie Consulting is the creative market/design arm of the LawyerFind Network. An “ATTORNEY ONLY” communications firm with a difference. We work specifically with top tier attorney and firms to extend their brand and promote their services across a variety of marketing channels. For 12 years we have tailored marketing solutions to produce results-driven creativity while exemplifying a spirit of nimbleness and responsiveness.